HitPay Recurring Billing

Easily manage subscription plans and memberships with HitPay Recurring Billing.

Set billing cycles, automate collections, and get paid faster. It’s automatic billing made simple.

Take the headache out of recurring billing

Tired of chasing customers for payments, re-entering information, and manually tracking payment statuses every billing cycle? Let HitPay do all the work for you.

End-to-end recurring billing features

Enjoy premium billing and subscription management features, free to use on your HitPay account. Only pay per transaction.

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  • Set daily, weekly, monthly, or custom billing cycles
  • Flexible start and end dates
  • Automated reminders to customers for late payments
  • Track payment status at a glance on your dashboard
  • Easily manage product, subscription plan, and customer information
  • Supports local and international credit card payments